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About Travis


Travis Curtright has a doctorate in Literature from the University of Dallas. He also has professional training from the American Shakespeare Center and improv training from the prestigious The Second City in Chicago. He is the Chair of the Humanities and Liberal Studies Department at Ave Maria University in Southwest Florida, as well as a fellow of the Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas. In addition, he is Editor of Moreana: A Journal of Thomas More and Renaissance Studies.

Moreana is an international, multilingual and non-confessional journal, published in double issues, in June and December. The journal was first published in 1963 by Germain Marc’hadour within the Amici Thomae Mori society, and today it is read in thirty countries. Its main object is to encourage and promote academic research on the English humanist Thomas More. The journal embraces all fields of research connected to Thomas More, Humanism and the Renaissance including History, Literature, Theology and any other relevant field.

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In addition to his scholarly work, Travis Curtright is the Director of Shakespeare in Performance, a minor of studies at Ave Maria University. Each spring he directs a full-length production of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Shakespeare In Performance investigates early modern acting styles, thrust stages practices, and how an acting troupe cooperates and functions in the preparation and performance of plays. Shakespeare in Performance is a troupe of artists who collaborate to create a unique blend of traditional Renaissance theater with contemporary music and dance. The students receive training in a number of disciplines, including voice, dramaturgy, and acting.

Troupe members major in a variety of different academic disciplines, including music, biology, psychology, and classics. The troupe is comprised of much diversity and is united by a common love of William Shakespeare.