This summer, get ready to fall in love with Shakespeare! Along with my wife, Mary, I will offer teens the chance to study acting at the Shakespeare in Performance Camp. The summer camp is an opportunity for high school students and recent graduates to discover the exciting world of theater.

What to Expect

The camp is held at Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, Florida, where students will have access to all the amenities of our beautiful campus. Our black box theater has a custom built thrust stage based on our style of acting, which hopes to imitate the conditions that Shakespeare himself would have encountered.

Campers will work directly with myself and carefully selected members of the Shakespeare in Performance troupe. The troupe is a community of students whose collaboration is what brings each show to life. Campers will receive professional coaching in dramaturgy, voice, movement and more from troupe members who have graduate degrees in theater and literature.

In just two weeks, campers will prepare and stage a one-hour show. This year, directors will cast campers into either A Midsummer Night’s Dream or As You Like It.

Campers will arrive on Sunday, June 16th, and depart on Saturday, June 29th, which is the same day performances will be held in our new black box theater.

As per our schedule, the campers’ daily routine will consist of optional daily Mass, improv games, rehearsals, an acting intensive, good food, free time and more. On Sunday, June 23rd, we’ll be taking the campers on a special off-campus excursion.

Benefits of Shakespeare in Performance Summer Camp

The camp is a great way for high school students to receive a positive first experience in a college setting. We cultivate a supervised environment that is nurturing, fun and educational.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, involvement in theatre can improve confidence for young people and help them come out of their shells. As a whole, summer camps encourage personal growth, help kids unplug and nurture social skill. Combining theatre with camp is a win-win!

Seeing our troupe’s passion for performing Shakespeare will bring out the potential of younger actors. They also have the opportunity to form lifelong friendships with fellow students.

Campers don’t have to be experienced actors to join the camp. The beauty of Shakespeare in Performance is that personalized instruction will be offered so that every student’s unique talents is drawn forth and combined to create brilliant performances.

If someone comes into the camp with an open mind and willingness to learn new things, the camp will undoubtedly be a great experience full of self-discovery and growth.

Campers will spend two weeks forming connections, gaining insight into the college life, and learning new skills they can bring back home. They will find that camp is a support system, and campers will undoubtedly leave camp with a newfound confidence and pride in their work. Come join us and discover a love for Shakespeare!